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My High Blood Pressure Story

Posted by Hova Vue on

My High Blood Pressure Story

Back in 2015 while I was working in a nursing home, I have felt dizzy several times but I did not know what caused it. I do have some unusual headaches on the back of my neck, on the side of my head and some strange feelings. There were times when I could hear my hearts pounding and beating fast. I am a Registered Nurse working in a nursing home but I do not want to go see any doctors. This was happening for a couple of months and I thought it was just stressed caused by the working environment that I was in. Then one day, I suddenly feel like I was going to pass out and I feel real dizzy. I check my blood pressure and it was like 230/122. I was shock and I triple check my blood pressure and I have my co-worker check it manually too and sure enough my blood pressure was extremely high. It was near the end of my shift and so I went to the emergency room that night and got it under control. 

Normally, high blood pressure do not have any signs and symptoms. It is known as the silent killer. As time went on, I came to understand high blood pressure more. I have research and read everything there is that I could get my hands on regarding high blood pressure. At times, I experience blurry vision, headache and I could even see my vein pulsing in time with my heart beats. The doctor did gave me a blood pressure medication to help me lower my blood pressure but a month went by and it was not enough to control my blood pressure. So I went back to see the doctor again and he added a second medication and that did it. 

As time went by, I became more aware of my body and what signs and symptoms to watch for. High blood pressure or hypertension could lead to stroke, heart attack, blindness and kidney failure due to the constant pressure it put on your organ system if not treated.  I only have one life to live and I do not want to be in wheel chair, have one side of my body paralyze or being in a vegetable state therefore I've decided to adjust my diet to control my blood pressure. Now, I am exercising, I am watching my health and I am watching what eat. I am passing on my advice to my patients, co-workers, friends and families. These days, I take along home monitor blood pressure everywhere I go so that I as well as my families and friends, we all can check our blood pressure ourselves. Recently, I saw a nice looking slim bracelet smart watch that can check blood pressure, heart rate and even oxygen level. And I would like to promote that for a reason. If you don't want anyone to know that you have high blood pressure, you can buy one of this smart band watch and just go to a corner or to the bathroom or somewhere alone and check it yourself . No one will have to know if you want to check your blood pressure or if you have high blood pressure problem since the smart phone is a bracelet, nice looking phone band and you may check your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level without letting anyone know you are doing it. I strongly recommend anyone with high blood pressure to get one including people with asthma, COPD, bronchitis and heart failure (CHF), because this smart watch will come in handy when needed. You can get one of this smart watch at this website; And if you notice that there is a worrying change in your body, don't just leave it and forget it. Go and have it check it out by your doctor.


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