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24 Piece High Quality Makeup Brush Set


24 Piece High Quality Makeup Brush Set.. Get your hands on an assortment of hand-sculpted brushes ranging from angled eye-shadow brushes to poofy powder brushes. Be the artist that you want to be! Functions:  The long flat Foundation Brush as well as the fluffy Powder Brush is to even tone on the entire face. The thin and pointed tip Concealer Brush is to conceal blemish or under eye circles if any.  The angled Contour Brush is to create shadow effect to highlight the features. The small fluffy Blush Brush is to apply bronzer or blush to cheeks and forehead. The Eye Brow Brush with a little comb is to direct eyebrows in order so they frame the eyes. Last but not least, the thin and firm Lip Brush is to create a lip line to make lips appear fuller, then follow the line to fill with the lipstick.  Details: Choose between Hot Pink and Jet Black or Natural Wood 24 pcs include: * Large Fan-shaped Brush * Small Fan-shaped Brush  * Foundation Brush * Blending Brush * Smudge Brush * Concealer Brush * Highlight Brush * Bronzer Brush * Powder Brush * Blush Brush * Contour Blending Brush * Brow Comb & Brush * Large Flat Shadow Brush * Large-sized Angled Eye Shadow Brush * Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush * Medium-sized Angled Eye Shadow Brush * Small-sized Eye Shadow Brush * Small-sized Angled Eye Shadow Brush * Eyelash & Brow Wand * Eyebrow Brush * Sponge Eye Shadow Brush * Eyeliner Brush * Nose Shadow Brush * Lip Brush   Vegan Leather Case in PINK or BLACK.