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Aromita Essential Oil Wellness 6-Packs in 2 Styles

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Choose between two 6-packs of fragrant essential oils: become more focused and energetic, or calm and relaxed. These pure extracts help create pleasant and nurturing environments throughout your home. Use them in your diffuser or humidifier as you lounge, cook, mediate, practice yoga or anytime you need to want to dispel tension or excite your mind. Great for your home spa and reed diffusers. 

All oils are 100% naturally organic -- no added chemicals
You get 6 / 10mL bottles in each set
Each bottle provides approximately 20 hours of luxurious aroma
Perfect for use with the Aromita Diffuser:
The Sensuous Collection (A) includes: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Cherry Blossom, Violet and Lilly
The Tranquility Collection (B) includes: Sandalwood, Green Tea, Bamboo, Ocean, Vanilla and Lemon

The product is meant simply for relaxation and entertainment purposes only.