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Bohemian Beads Waterfall Necklace

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Bohemian Beads Waterfall Necklace in Turquoise and Pink beads.
Wearing the Bohemian Beads Waterfall Necklace is wearing an expression that your Love is like a rushing waterfall, pure and overflowing with emotions.
Select either Turquoise and Red beads or Pink and Mint beads both has tiny little golden beads, shimmering like cascading, laughing water with a touch of sunshine.

Beads drape artistically from a silver tone crescent frame. 
Necklace is 18 inches, the bead part from neck to below be 10 inch fall.
Turquoise Red and Pink Mint Resin Beads are all hand made.
Lobster-claw closure.
It comes in a gift box.