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No less than your arsenal in your fight against the virus.
Neatly stored in a box, this Super Pack is resourceful and is now made available to you in order to reduce the risk of transmitting any germs and viruses.  
Protect yourself and the near and dear ones amongst your friends and family. Take Care and Be Safe with CAREX BOX.
In the Super Pack, you get:

10 MASKS to create a barrier between your face and germs or viruses.
2 SANITIZER OF 2 OZ EACH, kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria due to its potent ingredients.

40 MAGIC TOWEL CONTAINERS, each containing  4 tubes of 10 compressed towels that expand with little water for cleaning face and hands on the go. 
2 SAFE TOUCH N GO ALUMINIUM KEYS with a Brass coating that enables you to go touchless as they can pull door handles, sliding doors, and work well on touchscreens at store checkouts and for digital signatures.
1 STERILIZER BAR that disinfects any surface like car seats and elevator buttons in less than 10 seconds.

2 SANITIZER CARDS WITH LYNARD FOR KIDS OR ADULTS that eliminate airborne traces of germs and bacterias in your proximity.
Get one box for yourself and send one to the ones you care for.