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Catch Your Star - Sterling Silver 925 Earrings

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Catch a Star and make a wish, keep it in your heart and it will never fade away.
Keep your wishes shining forever like this Sterling Silver 925 earrings. The unique style of these earrings elongates the face to make it look more slender and graceful no wonder they are becoming every one’s favorite and getting so popular. 
 A CZ Diamond is drilled with long tail of box chain made in Sterling Silver.  As you walk the Diamond shoots forward in the air and the silver chain that follows it looks like a tail resembling a shooting star.
Catch Your Star now!
The CZ diamond is 9mm and has brilliance of something big.   It is easy to wear with a hard post at the end of the chain.

The CZ diamond is 9 mm and has brilliance of its own.
It is easy to wear with a post at the start of the chain.
Earring is Sterling Silver 925 with Rhodium plated.
The earring chain is 2.5 inch long.
Comes in a Gift Pouch and a Ltd. Lifetime Warranty.