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Ingenious SOLO Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in 4 Colors

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It's time to cut the cord. Enjoy reliable, crisp sound from up to 30ft away with a pair of Ingenious Earbuds. Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, they easily sync with your Apple or Android device with a single push of a button. Use the onboard microphone to answer calls on the go. Whether you're walking, gardening, at the gym, on the trail or just in the backyard, you'll be amazed how freeing wireless headphones can be. Water- and perspiration-resistant Less than 2" in length Each Earbud weighs only 6 grams Charging cable included 3 hours of use when fully charged 120 hours standby time Compatible with Apple iPhone 5/6/7; iPad 3/4/Air/Mini; all Samsung models and any other Android based devices that have Bluetooth 4.1, including tablets and laptops  CSR & EDR-enabled means crisp, clear sound for the entire 3-hour charge *** This product comes as a single earpiece.