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iPhone 6 Genius Collection - 12 pcs of Essential Bundle Pack

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iPhone 6 Genius Collection - 12 pcs of Essential Bundle Pack We have assembled the most needed accessories that will help you keep your brand new iPhone 6 in top shape and make it more easy to use.   We have put together 12 pcs in a great Essential Bundle Pack, with a price that will save you a lot if compared to when you buy it separately. What you get in the 12 pcs: Clear soft TPU case for iPhone 6, protects your phone edge to edge. 5 ft. long cable that has micro USB and the adapter for iPhone 6. Waterproof bag to protect your iPhone 6. Dual Port Wall Charger.  Dual Car charger adapter with 2.1.amps & 2 USB ports.  Dual port of jack. 5 mm AUX cable to extend your audio jack. Power Bank 2600 mAh, recharge your phone 100% with this power bank.  ARMBAND for iPhone 6 with Velcro adjustable lock and pocket for key, with ANTI sweat materials and cutout to listen to music. Cable Catcher. Screen Protector.  Stand for iPhone 6. (All products are in white color where possible). These 12 Essential products can otherwise cost you as much as $150 when purchased separately, plus you will have to pay shipping charges on them separately. However, now you can get this one and only Essential Bundle Pack with just one low shipping charge and a 2 Year Warranty on all items in the bundle.