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iPhone 6 PLUS - Power Extender case up to 125% more power

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IPhone 6 PLUS 5.5 inch Power Extender Case and charger that will give you 120% more power to your iPhone 6 Plus.  Now you can go on to play videos or have face time and with a flick of a button your phone will start getting 120% more power when it finishes the charge. 
There is nothing more than having your Smart Phone work for full 12 to 16 hours nonstop.   The case easily attaches to the phone and can be removed within seconds if not needed.
It has 4200 mAh battery capacity the batteries are made from high quality Li-Polymer similar to the thin batteries found in Smart Phones.   The case adds almost minimal weight to your phone.
Comes in Multiple colors. 
Fully compatible with iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch screen size.
1 Year Warranty