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Magnetic Handyman Wristband for Nails, Screws, Bits and More

Vista Shops

Embedded with three strong magnetic strips, the Handyman Wristband is like having a helping hand whenever you need one. Perfects for holding nails, screws, nuts, bits and other small hardware, the magnets are actually strong enough for screwdrivers, scissors and other tools you need to keep on hand when you’re in the middle of a project. Never drop another screw when you’re at the top of a ladder! The Velcro closure adjusts to just about any wrist, and keeps the band secure even when loaded with hardware.

Powerful magnets hold hardware and small tools
Provides a helping hand when you need it most
Ideal for many woodworking, home improvement, and do-it-yourself projects
Great timesaving solution for keeping all your gear when you can get to it quickly
One size fits most