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Open Sesame iPhone Case And Credit Card Storage


Protect your prized possessions!
Such a smart and fun phone case that protects your phone and your credit cards...... Reminds you of the magical phrase from the childhood story of a magic cave that opens with the words Open Sesame and reveals the treasure trove full of valuable amazing things... This phone case shields your phone and comes with a hidden feature that stores your credit cards not noticeable to others but you can slide it open to access them! 

Made of TPU+PC.
All features for the iPhones are accessible through the proper cut outs.

Sturdy exterior to safeguard your phone from any accidental drops, scratches, and dust.

For iPhone - 8,iPhone - 8 Plus,iPhone - Xs,iPhone - XR, AND iPhone - X MAX.
It comes in Black, Charcoal, Grey, Pink, Silver, and Tan.