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Power Wonder 3 in 1 Pen with iPhone Power Bank and Stylus

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Power Wonder  3 in 1 Pen with iPhone Power Bank  and Stylus .   Your emergency power will always be at your finger tip just slide open and charge your iPhone 5/6/6s /6 Plus no cables needed and no outlet charge anywhere.   
The Pen Power bank is a innovation in gadget that will allow you to carry it any where and use it as a Pen or a Stylus and if needed even charge your phone or iPad.   The built in connector just plugs right into the charging port and gives the boost you need to finish what you are doing.
It will give approx. 33% power to your iPhone and 15% to your iPad. All metal constructions with a built in standard USB port to recharge and reuse the power bank. It is the most innovative gift for anyone with a smart phone.
They say the Pen is mightier than the sword in this case the Pen is mightier than the phone as it brings it back to life when out of power.  This may qualify as a the worlds smallest cordless power bank.
Ball point pen has replaceable refill available at any office supply store.

3 in 1  iPhone charging , Stylus and a writing Ball Point Pen.
All Metal Body  can charge your phone 33% with its  5v /  900mAh battery.
Power dispensing ON/OFF button.
Weighs under 30 grams.
Recharges in 45 mins to an 1 hour.
Fully compatible with iPhone 5/5s/ 6/6s  6 Plus  ,iPad Air and Mini
Size 6.5 " long and 1/2" round.
Multiple colors to choose from.
Coming Soon Samsung compatible 3 in 1 Power Bank .