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Exfoliate...Exfoliate…Exfoliate..! And BRING SPRING IN YOUR STEP with All Natural Quartz ROLL ON SOLE FOOT SPA
This home foot spa is a battery operated callus remover, JUST ROLL ON THE SOLE and remove all dead tired skin from under the feet with just one time use, it gives your feet a new life. Its electric grinding  action and foot exfoliating rotating drum , quickly and easily removes dead skin from under the rough feet and there emerges your original youthful, beautiful baby like skin that you can proudly show off with painted open toe sandals all summer long.
Why use harmful metal pedicure devices when you have the ROLL ON SOLE FOOT SPA at home with All Natural Quartz Mineral Grinding Stone that is so gentle on the skin, fits in your beauty budget, very easy to use as well as gives your feet a baby soft skin.
ROLL ON SOLE FOOT SPA has undergone several tests to meet international safety standards and has got international certification for its German design. Go no further, get it today and BRING SPRING IN YOUR STEP WITH ROLL ON SOLE FOOT SPA.

All Natural Quartz Mineral Grinding Stone, Safe and effective alternative to metal blades of the past.
Easy to grip handle.
Exquisite appearance.
Operates on 2 AA Batteries, Not Included. 
Superb Body Wash Function.
Allows you to put it down. 
Waterproof Body, Easy to clean, run under water. 
Cleaner and more hygienic.
It comes in Clean Green and Pretty Pink.
Great for gift giving to friends.
6 months warranty


A grinding foot device.
A cleaning brush.
A transparent protective cover.
Spare grinding roller.
A manual.
It comes in a gift box.       

Ergonomic design