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SCARDIGAN - It's a 2 in 1 Versatile Scarf as well as Cardigan

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SCARDIGAN is not any ordinary scarf or cardigan but an unusual MIX of a Scarf and a Cardigan.  At a price of one, you are getting 2 beautiful pieces and it cannot get more versatile than this.
The fluid Acrylic fabric feels luxurious and the tasseled trim adds to the flowy look and feel of the Scardigan. Wear it as the Cardigan when you want or gather it together to make it in to a Scarf when you wish and it can be worn in variety of ways as shown.
Select the Scardigan for its versatility. You will love this piece to add to your collection, as it is as versatile as you are.

100% Acrylic material.
Tasseled trim at the back.
Size 27 X 51 inches.
It comes in rich colors like Mocha Brown, Jet Black, Ivory Cream and Pewter Grey.