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Smartest Travel Charger for 4 USB port with World Adapter and a 5ft Extension cord

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The Smartest Travel Charger with 4 USB ports with a World Adapter and a 5ft extension to charge via the wall outlet.   A true Travel Charger that gives you up to 4 USB ports and can adapt to 90% of the world plugs including USA, Europe, Asia, and Trans-Atlantic.   
The five ft cord with self-storage quickly winds and stores in compact case easy to carry.   Safe to carry on Airplanes no issue with security and safety.   Fully compatible to charge iPhone, iPads, Samsung, Tablets, Camera, Smart Watches and any portable device (with an exception of a laptop).  Just about anywhere in the world.
Comes in Multiple colors 
4 x USB Ports are 1.1 amp 
1 x International outlet adapter built in the case.