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So Smart Lilliput Video Camera For Your Little Ones


This video camera is all about fun and games...
It's a handheld digital camera with a charming cartoonish look to it, which makes it very playful... This multifunctional video camera will encourage your little ones to imagine a world full of dreams and make them think how to capture it...
Who knows one day they will want to have their own camera to capture life's precious moments or to tell a story to the world.

Ergonomic user-friendly design.
Develops intelligence and imagination in kids.
Multiple Funny picture frame format to embed picture and video.
One button Still picture taking
Record Video and Sound 
Simple one button operation
Live Preview screen 2inx 2in
5 million pixel 
TF Memory card up to 32gb (8 gb card included FREE a $20 Value)
Cartoonish look and Candy colors make it pleasing to the eyes.
Great for gift giving to the little ones in the family this Christmas.
Works on rechargeable batteries.
Play video on computer or TV by using the SD card with adapter included.