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Sun Chaser Solar Powered Wireless Phone Charger 20,000 mAh With LED Flood Light

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Sun Chaser Solar Powered Wireless Phone Charger With LED Flood Light. 
This is a 20,000 mAh capacity Solar Powerbank with a built-in wireless charger and LED floodlight.  This charger with boosting charging capability can simultaneously charge 2 to 3 devices with its built-in Qi-standard wireless charger, multi-port USB ports, and Type-C USB ports.
Charge any mobile phone  2.5 Times fully and charge any Tablet 100%. Also charge many devices like Cameras, Watches, and Toys  100%. The huge power capacity takes care of it all.  The Solar panel charges your power bank and regenerates all the power again. This water-resistant power bank is perfect for indoors or outdoors and great for quickly lighting up an area 20 ft x 20ft with its LED floodlights.
The built-in power regulator will not overcharge your devices.  The whole power bank is shockproof and dustproof as well as water-resistant. With this is one solar charger you feel you really have power. The advanced light-absorbing solar panels take every light source and use it to convert to stored power.
A true Sun Chaser, it works most efficiently in the daytime in sunlight and stores power that can be used any time anywhere.

Solar Powerbank 4.5 inch. 
20,000 mAh stored power capacity.
Qi Standard wireless charger 10W. 
4 USB ports. 
1 Type C USB port.
LED Flood Light. 
Shock and Water Resistant hard case.