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UV Sterilizer And Wireless Phone Charger 2 In 1

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Avoid a looming health threat by having this 2 in 1 Wireless device.
Scientific studies have proven that at least a Million bacteria self-replicate and get reproduced on each square centimeter of any mobile phone at any given time, if not disinfected. Disinfect and sterilize your phone while you charge it with this tool; it will destroy the DNA structure of the bacteria without releasing any chemicals or odors and charge your phone efficiently, all at the same time.
Stay germ-free, and all charged up.

UV lights automatically turn off in 5 mins after sterilization is completed on the surface.
The base is a Qi Based wireless charger compatible with all Apple and Android phones.
Extra USB port in the rear side to plug in the additional devices to charge.
It comes with a USB micro cable to plug the UV sterilizer /charger.
Overall size is 5" X 6" Tall. 
Safe to use on any phone devices or small gadgets.