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XO Cuff Style Bracelets polished in Silver

Vista Shops

The XO Bracelets.
Send a message of love through the XO Bracelets. They say that XO represents Kisses and Hugs as from a bird's eye view, when two people in love hug each other, it looks like they have formed the big O and when they kiss, it looks like the X.
You can get just the X Bracelet or get just an O Bracelet individually, however we suggest that you get the X AND O Bracelets together as the XOs always follow each other anyways and you can get both bracelets in only 1 shipping charge.
Made from base metal with Polished Silver with Anti Tarnish coating.

Size 2.5 inch can be adjusted up to 1/2  to fit 7 inch to 8.5 inch wrists.
Come in Gift Boxes.