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XOXO Diamond Crystal Rings In Rose Gold And Silver Tones


The XOXO Rings..
They say that the XOXO sign represents Hugs and Kisses.. When two lovers are seen hugging and kissing from a bird's eye view , the hug looks like an O and the kiss looks like the X..Wear this one as your promise ring and it will remind you both to hug , kiss and makeup if you ever get mad at your loved one..
Get XOXO ..get the message of love.. 

Made from base metal with Polished Gold and Silver with Anti-Tarnish coating.
It comes in sizes: 7, 8 and 9.
Select from RoseGold and Silver tones or both and stack them with our existing rings for a modern appeal. Each sold individually.
It comes in a gift pouch, great for gift giving.